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Burak Alüminyum

BURAK, aluminum alloy aluminum extrusion technology, offers solutions to customers by producing aluminum profile.

Aluminum is the most common metal in earth crust with 8%. It is a young metal that can be processed easily, has high strength values, has high corrosion resistance, is light, has no negative effect on the environment, can be recovered and recovery energy cost is very low.

BURAK develops high value-added production in close cooperation with its customers and provides different markets with aluminum profile products and accessories that always meet customer needs.

BURAK provides solutions to many customers in Africa, mainly in Europe, Asia, Balkan countries and Arab countries. Burak Aluminum offers products in the fields of construction, joinery, advertising, machinery, accessories, furniture and solar energy profiles. Develops solutions with Burak Aluminum System.

All product developments are customer oriented. BURAK helps its customers to develop their own products and sustain their competition. With its technological investments and R & D activities, it offers its customers more advantages in the competitive environment.