Edit Interactive

Edit Interactive was founded in in order to share their knowledge and experience in the field of web design and web-based software. Edit Interactive keeps up with innovations in the fast-paced world of technology and information so we were able to provide the most convenient and modern solutions to the demands of its customers
What we do ?
  According to the expectations of organizations from various segments designs Edit Interactive web sites and e-commerce projects which reflects the corporate identity correctly with perfect technical infrastructure.
Corporate Websites
Website for Small Business
E-Commerce Projects with CMS-Systems
News Sites
Micro Blogs
How we do?
 The distinguishing feature of Edit Interactive is to communicate correctly from the beginning of the project in order to achieve the purpose of the promising project. In doing so, it uses a language that is understandable to the end user and not the technical language of the computing world.

 Edit Interactive uses HTML5 language, the core of WEB, and CSS, the language that determines the design quality, in the direction of the expectations of its customers. Content is summarized in the direction of customers' wishes. A demo is prepared for the appropriate color and visuals. Then, other expectations are elaborated on this demo and the design / coding process begins. This process is carried out in contact with the customers. The site will be published when we receive your consent. According to new expectations in the later process, regulations are always accepted.