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At the beginning of the most important issues in life, concerns about the future of the family's children are felt. When the subject of the problem is the education of the children, the bigger concerns arise. Since I entered Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Faculty for undergraduate education, I started designing an educational model that I believe both students and parents have made the most right choice in my mind and I applied it best in my own institutions since 2007 when I started my professional life. Now, I am crowning this horizon by establishing a concept thematic school.

At Kod Schools, with an understanding of education far beyond the knowledge of books in the books, we prepare our students in a way that will enlighten the future and enlighten the world of the future. Teaching has been adopted as a philosophy of life, beyond a profession; happiness and success in the world of modern education with the education of our students seeking in the success and happiness of our students. We know; a future child of a child, or even the destiny of all humanity.