Google Adwords

Google Adwords Consulting

E-commerce volume worldwide is increasing rapidly every year. Many companies around the world are trying to do e-commerce with their websites on the local and global scale. Under great competition, it is a smart choice to use marketing to bring your asset to your target audience. One of the most effective ways of bringing your electronic store or web page to this audience is the Google Advertising Platform “Adwords”.

With Google AdWords ads, exactly targeted customers can be reached, and with a wide range of reporting options, campaign results can be easily analyzed. In this way, marketing expenses can be implemented efficiently with appropriate advertising budgets. As Edit Interactive, we also offer you the advice you need in the world of Google Advertising with our certified and experienced team.

Plannable, Transparent, Efficient

With AdWords, you focus your predefined target group and do not waste money. Furthermore, Google offers a relatively large number of data, with which the valuation and evaluation of campaign success can be carried out easily. You just need the right online marketing strategy, the approach, the experience and the skill of evaluation. In order to realize these relatively simple tasks which are difficult for you to implement in your everyday life, we are happy to help you at manageable and favorable conditions

Why Adwords

Easy access to the right audience
Effective campaign and budget management with comprehensive reporting
Controlled costs
Wide range of advertising options

Google Search Network Advertising

The Google Advertising Network is based on search campaigns. With the most known and effective Adwords Campaign option shows Google the target audience text-based ads. In this most known type of Google Advertising, ads are shown to the targeted audience in a textual format according to customer’s search behaviors. This ad group is displayed just below the Google search bar, or at the bottom of the search page, and is labeled with the "ad" tag. This kind of ads are effective and results very fast.

Display Network Ads (GDN)

It is an another advertising options of Google Adwords that works primarily in the form of graphical and visual media ads, which are displayed on millions of Google and partner platforms. The websites participating in the Google Adsense program are called partners. Accurate design and intelligent positioning allow you to reach the desired target with remarkable accuracy

Google Shopping Campaign

This type of campaign is especially popular if you have an online shop and e-commerce system. You can create text ads with images via the Shopping campaign. Unlike display network ads, the shopping campaign ads can be turned at the top of search results pages. The shopping campaign system is also utilized for the implementation of dynamic remarketing ads.

Remarketing Campaign in Google

While a user searches for products, he sees your ad and clicks it. After he visits and browses the website, the visitor leaves the shop without a purchase. This means that you have invested in a potential and valuable customer but have lost it despite the fact that your brand or products are known to him.

The remarketing campaigns are primarily helpful in such a scenario. With Google Remarketing, Image and text ads can only be shown to those targeted customers who visited your site but have not made the desired actions (conversions). Your ads are be served anywhere, even if such visitors is looking for something on Google or surfing the web on a different website. Brand awareness will increase and the chance of a transaction thereby can be doubled.

The newest member of the Google Adwords marketing ecosystem, Youtube ads have emerged as a new and effective communication channel for many companies. After Google, the second largest search engine worldwide, YouTube has different advertising options like True View In-Stream, In-Display and In-Search. Some of them are skippable the others not. On the other hands, there are many placements options such as reservation based or par day costs. You can find a detailed list of advertising type of YouTube here. If you or your company need consulting in the YouTube environment, you can reach us easily via the link or telephone number below. Please don’t forget: A first estimate is always free!