E - Commerce

Every business is trying to merchandise their products via virtual stores nowadays. Many companies are very eager to sell products online but most of them don’t have a suitable strategy and technic for their web shop. An effective strategy and technical infrastructure are the first steps, which should be handle before marketing and reach of the target audience in local or global markets.

Our e-commerce products are very helpful to do that, which are with the modular system very flexible and easy to use. You can control yourself your e-shop and adjust product pages via content management systems (CMS). So you don’t need every time an expert to configure your shop even though we are ready to help you anytime if you need it to.

Edit Interactive develops with hundreds of domestic or foreign small and middle companies that provide consultancy services in customized E-Commerce software. We can be your partner with our system-oriented solutions and approaches. Get free quotes from us to take advantage of our experience, quality services, and customized e-commerce software.