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Temel Makina

Founder of our company Mechanical Engineer Temel DİNEK started his working life with the production of industrial type washing machines simultaneously during the technical high school years. Between the years 1967-76, in addition to industrial type laundry washing, washing machines, dry cleaning machines and kitchen equipment production in the conditions of domestic production, we have played an active role in technical consultancy and after sales services in the first 5 star hotels of our country. In 1977, it started its commercial activities in a 43 m2 workshop and since then it has started to produce industrial laundry machinery and equipment for cleaning sector.                      

In 1977, a first in Turkey curable our company produces the banded iron cylinder machine is a breakthrough in the tourism sector. In 1978, Turkey was made in the first direct drive motor without strap and pulley machine manufacturing centrifuge spin in the middle, there are currently still working with the industry's success in these machines made 35 years ago.